The Wellsford Finish System

The Wellsford Finish System

The Wellsford Finishing Advantage

Our specialty includes:

  • Hand-applied stains
  • Hand-applied glazes on stained & painted products
  • Custom stain matching
  • Over 1,500 paint colors and color matching for Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Farrow & Ball
  • A variety of sanding and distressing techniques
Stain Sample

The Wellsford Finishing System

Our dedicated finishing room experts support the detailed multi-step finishing process. Each step is carefully controlled to craft the most authentic, longest-lasting finish possible.

Meticulous Preparation

Each door is carefully inspected and prepared for the painting or staining process prior to entering the coating area. All components are wiped clean and edges are inspected and prepared to ensure proper base coat application.

Stain or Primer Base Coat Application

For painted finishes, the first base coat serves as the foundation of the door’s final color. It is carefully hand-sprayed with low VOC paints in a filtered spray booth.  For stained finishes, the solvent-based stain is applied by hand to achieve maximum penetration into the wood and color depth while allowing the wood grain to shine through.

Meticulous Preparation

On primed products, we sand down your cabinets again to make sure they have a silky-smooth feel. We ask ourselves, “Does this meet our customer’s high standards?”

Sealer or Second Primer Base Coat Application

The second base coat serves as a strengthened foundation for the door.  The sealer and primer coats prepare the product for the final topcoat.

Sanding and Inspection

Once again, we sand down the cabinets to make sure there aren’t any imperfections.

Top Coat Application

The catalyzed conversion varnish top coat seals the finish and enhances the colors highlighted in the staining process, adding durability and sheen to the final product.

Glazing Application (if requested)

Glazing highlights the details of the selected door.  It decreases uniformity on painted finishes, and enhances color on stained finishes.

Clear Top Coat for Glazed Products (if glazing is requested)

All glazed products receive a clear top coat to prevent the glaze from wear.

Discover the Wellsford Difference.

We take great pride in our work, meticulously going through six to eight steps to ensure your custom cabinetry meets our high expectations. Ready to learn more about our offerings? Contact your Wellsford Dealer today.