Architectural Millwork

Architectural millwork is the wood molding and paneling used to finish your cabinetry. Crown molding, light rail molding, and furniture base moldings are designed to accentuate the details of the designer’s creation. They’re the true mark of quality cabinetry.

Wellsford’s Millwork

Wellsford offers a wide selection of molding to suit all home styles, from traditional to contemporary.

  • Moldings are cut from solid wood and are available species specific in lengths up to 15’.
  • Finished moldings are sanded to allow the wood to have its best appearance and smooth feel.
  • Wainscot paneling is built to specific dimensions.

Discover the Wellsford Advantage.

We take pride in our fine cabinet construction and ensure every detail meets our high standards, from crown molding to furniture base molding. Contact your Wellsford Dealer today to learn more about our architectural millwork options