Why Custom Cabinetry?

Your Home, Your Style

Custom cabinetry is built to fit your home, style, functional needs, and budget. When you choose custom, you get the flexibility of design, hand-crafted construction, and high-quality materials.

Flexible Design

Custom cabinetry gives you the opportunity to design a space that is completely unique to your style and needs. You have unlimited choices of wood species, door and frame style, color matching, finishing sheen, and distressing.

When you work with Wellsford, your cabinetry is made to your size specifications. Your designer will have the flexibility to eliminate unnecessary fillers or wasted space. They are also engineered to avoid multiple undesired seams and provide a true custom fit.

Did you know?
It can be less expensive to choose a custom option than request a semi-custom cabinet to be changed to your sizing specifications.

Hand Crafted with Care

Custom cabinetry requires precision and artistry. At Wellsford, we combine old-fashioned woodworking by hand with state-of-the-art equipment to create cabinetry that provides consistent quality and unparalleled integrity. Our cabinets are manufactured in Stowe, Pennsylvania and proudly made in the USA.

Did you know?
Wood finishing is the most time-consuming part of our cabinet manufacturing process, and it marks the quality of our work. The finish is hand-applied in a climate-controlled environment where there is no interference in the application and drying process. You’ll even find our artisans working in the small crevices with an artist’s brush.

High Quality Materials

Choosing to go custom with your cabinetry allows you to select the highest quality materials offered. Your Wellsford cabinetry is made using the finest hardwood and veneer plywood. Visit our showroom to see in-person examples of our quality construction, door styles, finishes, hardware, accessories and more.

Discover the Wellsford Advantage.

Wellsford is here to create your dream space with custom cabinetry. Every time you work with us, you can expect precision, craftsmanship, and a friendly partnership. Contact your Wellsford Dealer to learn more.