Our Process

In this business, how we work is of critical importance. Our four decades of experience has given us the benefit of learning the best methods available. While tools and equipment may change, the nature of process does not. Read on to learn more about our refined processes and how much work goes into creating your custom cabinetry.

Step One: Measure and Design

Since cabinetry needs to work with existing conditions, getting precise measurements is the first order of business. Accurate dimensions are critical to understand the best design solutions.

Your selected design partner will meet you on-site and document all the necessary details. Then, they will move forward with design and present their notes and ideas to you. This meeting will be the first during the design phase. Because projects vary, the amount of time it takes varies as well.

Cabinet designs also need to incorporate the appliances and trim details necessary to accomplish the desired look. A finished cabinet plan will have all of these items and be verified for precise fit and adequate clearance.

Step Two: Order Processing and Draft Engineering

Once your order is finalized and received, your dedicated Wellsford team goes to work! We have four checkpoints during order processing where every order is checked for errors or omissions. Every measurement, door size, trim, drawer box, and accessory is verified for precise fit. Once everything is confirmed, our engineering department creates manufacturing drawings for each cabinet before any cuts are made.

Step Three: Fabricate

Fabrication is our core service and is at the heart of what we do here. Once you have a plan in place, we are ready to take swift action. We select from a range of excellent materials and begin making the various cabinet sections. Our staff of craftsmen will build your cabinetry by hand and with care through each step of the manufacturing process.

Our “Next Operation Customer” Work Quality Check
At Wellsford, inspections are integral in each step of our fabrication process. Each department in manufacturing treats the next department as their customer. All product is inspected as it enters each department, rather than a single step near the end of the process. We ask ourselves each step of the way: Does this meet our customer’s high standards?

Step Four: Finishing

One of the things that truly sets Wellsford apart is how we finish our wood products. The design and fabrication bring the piece to life and give it shape; the finish is what makes it speak.

We offer:

  • Hand-applied stains
  • Hand-applied glazes on stained & painted products
  • Custom stain matching
  • Over 1,500 paint colors
  • A variety of sanding and distressing types
  • All wood finishes receive a conversion varnish top coat


Wood finishing is the most time-consuming part of cabinet manufacturing and one that marks the quality of custom cabinetry. We work diligently to prepare the surface of the wood until it looks its best and is ready for finish application. The finish is applied in a climate-controlled environment where there is no interference in the application and drying procedure.

Step Five: Installation

Each order is reviewed for errors and potential issues with installation. We take great pride in being installation-friendly. We are mindful of crown molding mounting positions, building cabinets in one piece to avoid assembly and seams. Anything that reduces installation time and enhances the finished product goes into your completed cabinetry.

Start Step One Today

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