Door Styles

Cabinet Door Styles

Introducing our elevated Classic Wood, Alternatve Materials, and Aluminum Frame Door Collectons.


Framed: Inset & Full Overlay Cabinetry
Frameless: Full Overlay Cabinetry

The Classic Wood Collection features door styles in framed and frameless cabinet construction. We meticulously selected the framing beads, edge profiles and center panels to suit traditional, transitional, and contemporary décor. Combine these doors with a variety of wood species and finishing techniques to provide a fully custom design.

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Level 2

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Level 7

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Level 8

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Classic Wood Design Options

Classic Wood Design Options Cabinetry


Frameless: Full Overlay Cabinetry

The Allure Collection is a Decorative Laminate Veneer (DLV) product that has evolved to an elevated level of visual appeal with extraordinary wood grains, textures, and solids. It is full overlay cabinetry. Allure not only utilizes the latest lamination technology and cost-effective state-of-the-art materials but also offers a variety of environmental-friendly features.


Frameless: Full Overlay Cabinetry

The Intrigue, Vogue and Strata Collection is a Thermally Textured Surface (TTS). This product line features a refined level of varied textures with deep and dramatic linear grain patterns. The TTS collection offers three distinct door styles: Slab, 3-Piece and 5-Piece.

Intrigue Naval Grey Slab Door


Mild, realistic registered and indexed woodgrain texture

Vogue Slab_Roble Aurora


Subtle, life like woodgrain characteristics

Strata_Slab_Vertical Option_Ash Brown_LM98 (003)


Heavier, varied woodgrain patterns


Frameless: Full Overlay Cabinetry

The Synchronicity Collection offers a variety of ultra-contemporary finishes. A High Gloss that provides a glass-like sheen with depth and clarity or a soft and subtle Super Matte with low reflectivity. These finishes ultimately create contemporary kitchens that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also provide highly durable surfaces.

Synchronicity - Mera (PET): Grey Skies

MERA (PET): High 90° gloss sheen

Synchronicity High Gloss_Anthracite 567

VETRO (PET-G Premium Covering): 95° gloss sheen

Slab_White Matte

SUPER MATTE: 5° matte sheen

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum Frame Cabinetry

Which Door Style Is Right for Your Project?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a cabinet door style. Your Wellsford Fine Custom Cabinetry Dealer will be happy to help. Contact your Wellsford Dealer to get started today!