Five Steps for a Low-Stress and Successful Kitchen Renovation Project

Starting any renovation project in your home is an exciting process. You begin with these grand dreams of how you imagine using your space and making it more functional. Maybe you’re adding special cabinets to your laundry room to maximize the storage space or perhaps you’re planning a kitchen renovation project. We find the kitchen is one of the most rewarding renovation projects because it is often the center of the home. When envisioning the final results, you might dream about hosting dinner parties, sitting down for dinner together as a family, and having a functional kitchen that makes cooking even more enjoyable. There are so many things to look forward to! While appealing, redesigning a kitchen can be an overwhelming thought. It could be because of the uncertainty of all the pending decisions, concerns about the expense, being unfamiliar with a renovation process, and ultimately feeling nervous about the final product. Will it be everything you hope for? Designing a new kitchen requires careful planning, addressing every last detail even before work begins to ensure excellent results. It’s vital to feel comfortable selecting an interior designer, kitchen design professional, contractor, and architect who clearly understand your needs to bring your dream kitchen to life. Read on to learn five steps for a low-stress and successful kitchen renovation project.

Determine a Budget

Before you start dreaming about the amazing kitchen you’d like to have, determine a realistic budget. How much money can you comfortably spend? Will you need a home equity or home improvement loan? If yes, start exploring the various options with your bank.

Then do research. How much should you expect to spend on appliances? What about cabinetry and countertops? How much will the renovation construction cost? A consultation with a kitchen design professional would be helpful to determine cost ranges for a variety of products that will be needed for your kitchen renovation project. It’s important to determine ahead of time if your budget is realistic.

Make a Must-Have and Nice-to-Have List

A new countertop? That’s essential for your kitchen renovation project. Choosing the most expensive marble slab in the showroom? That’s nice to have but may not be necessary. How about a farmhouse sink, a expansive pull out pantry, or perfectly placed spices? Consider the value of increased functionality and the importance of prioritizing your wish list. You are renovating your kitchen to make your life and home better, and you deserve to have your needs met. Decide what you are willing to forgo to stay within your budget. Your kitchen design professional is a good resource when working to fit into a budget.

Find Your Style

Look at different kitchen styles and see what catches your eye. When you see something you like, be sure to save it. We recommend Pinterest. When you see a trend in what attracts your attention, you will be able to determine your style.

Then dig even further. With cabinetry, for example, there are many details to consider. Are you interested in framed or frameless? Inset or overlay? What about the wood species and finish? Your local Wellsford Dealer can help you decide.

Designer: Sharon Gunther, Fresh Design Group, Inc.

Define Your Space

Think about how you would like your space to function and consider making “working zones.” Do you have your heart set on a panel-ready dishwasher, built-in refrigerator, a wooden hood, double oven, or microwave drawer? What about a mixer lift? Be sure to remember the storage and organization necessities that will make your everyday life better, too. Would your family benefit from a charging station in a drawer or a communication center? Anything is possible with custom cabinetry options.

Determine what will best suit your family and entertaining needs while sticking within your budget.

Designer: Sharon Gunther, Fresh Design Group, Inc.

Consult with Contractor & Design Experts

You’ll need to work with a variety of contractors and design experts, like architects, contractors, interior designers, and kitchen designers. That’s why many people end up working with a project manager who has connections with people/companies they trust. Often, the general contractor functions as the project manager, and he/she will manage the schedule.

Bring It All Together and Make It Happen!

Let the contractors do their work. Some kitchens take weeks to complete, so be prepared to stay out of your kitchen for a time. This can be hard on a family, so consider setting up a temporary kitchen. Some people choose to move small appliances, like toaster ovens and microwaves, into a different part of the home.

Once all of the teams have completed their part of the project, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new kitchen!

Wellsford Fine Custom Cabinetry Is Here To Bring Your Unique Kitchen Designs To Life

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