Top Kitchen Cabinetry Colors for 2020

Choosing a cabinet color is one of the most exciting decisions of the design process. It’s one of the first things you and guests will notice when they walk into the room. Whether you go for bright and light or darker and more dramatic, your cabinet color is how you choose to make your kitchen uniquely yours. Wellsford Fine Custom Cabinetry has over 40 years of experience and services over 30 dealers among 10 states on the east coast. We have the unique opportunity to see the cabinetry color trends over regional markets and keep a pulse on the ever-changing design trends. Here are the top kitchen cabinetry colors for 2020.

White: A steady classic favorite

It’s no surprise that out of our top-selling 13 colors, six of them are in the white family. Frosty White tops our list as our best-selling color! White has proven to be an all-time favorite for our dealer clients. As white is offered in dozens of varieties, selecting the perfect one for your home and cabinetry may feel daunting. We commonly use familiar names to explain the different hues: pearl, vanilla, ivory, bone, chalk cream, snow, etc. We highly recommend selecting the color in unison with the countertop. White will always stand the test of time and avoids the issue of becoming quickly outdated.

Designer: Jim Barna, TrueLeaf Kitchens, Perimeter: Frosty White, Island: Cadet Grey

Gray Infused with Warm Beige

Gray has also been the all-time soft complement to white and is a second go-to color for many kitchens. As gray is evolving, we are excited to share Hearthstone Grey. It takes on the beauty and comfort of classic gray and is also infused with warm beige, marking it as our new greige. While Putty and Metropolitan Grey are other popular choices, providing a beautiful light and darker grey alternative.

Perimeter: Frosty White, Island: Cherry wood in Metropolitan Grey with Coffee glaze
Perimeter & Bar: Designer White, Island & Hood: Navy

Accents Provide a Pop of Color and Personality

An accent color is frequently used on the island and hood to provide contrast along with the classic white perimeter cabinetry. A recent favorite accent color trend has been the Regent Blue and Hale Navy. To build on the variation of navy, it can also go lighter into a pale shade of blue, a turquoise shade of navy, along with a blackish blue. As we researched the color psychology of blue, we found that it is favored by many people because it is viewed as non-threatening and provides a conservative and traditional feel. It also evokes a mood of calmness and described as peaceful, secure, and orderly.

Green is an additional hot color that is rising in the ranks. All shades of green are showing up, from mint green to trendy sage green and hunter green. Most importantly, the boldest design decisions are rewarded with the biggest payoffs.

Two-Toned Cabinetry

One of our dealers Lesley Graham Interiors, Inc. has a great approach to selecting the perfect accent color. It’s important to decide if you are trying to avoid being trendy and if you want to select a color that will provide long-term staying power. If so, Lesley recommends considering a dark charcoal gray or warm black as the accent color. She explained, “It will provide a great contrast to any shade of white and will always allow you to add a pop of color. This classic color becomes a timeless selection!”

Two-tone cabinets have been growing in popularity for classic kitchen designs. We see a neutral color selected for the wall cabinets and a timeless accent color for the base cabinets and island. It provides a nice balance between an all-white or hue-soaked kitchen.

Wall: Cotton Balls, Base, Island, & Accent Wall: Custom color

Warm Wood Grains

To truly appreciate the craftsmanship of a beautiful custom kitchen, nothing can top the beauty of showcasing the sapwood and heartwood grain of natural walnut. It is our 4th most popular color. The natural walnut is frequently used to introduce another tone of color into the room and also provides the character and warmth that only true wood grain offers.

Sharon Gunther, from Fresh Design Group, Inc., took a unique design approach with utilizing two-toned cabinets. The perimeter and frames are finished in Artic White, while specific wall and island doors are made in solid walnut and finished in nickel stain. It provides a true custom style. In addition, many clients are also utilizing the wood grain within wall cabinets highlighted with mullion doors that include illumination. On occasion, our clients also go so far to incorporate walnut into drawer bases along with the cutlery and utensil accessory inserts.

We have also noticed that our clients are also moving toward interesting and unique woods, like zebra, quarter saw oak, and rift-cut white oak.

Perimeter & Frames: Artic White, Island Doors: Walnut wood in nickel stain

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