We Build Custom Cabinetry in Pa

Are you preparing for an upcoming renovation and searching for a high-quality custom cabinet maker in Pennsylvania?  There are plenty of options for cabinets built on assembly lines; built from cheap wood, using time saving methods that lower the cabinet’s integrity.  You will not find this at Wellsford.  Located in Stowe, PA, Wellsford Fine Custom Cabinetry is known for incredible craftsmanship.  Each piece is handcrafted, finely detailed, and made to order.

Servicing trade professionals for over 40 years

Wellsford Cabinetry is sold through dealerships, professional kitchen designers, custom home builders, and contractors along the east coast.  In addition to eastern Pennsylvania, we currently have dealers located in Massachusetts including Cape Cod, Connecticut, New York including Long Island, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, and South Carolina where you can purchase Wellsford Cabinetry. We are actively expanding into Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

What makes our cabinetry Premium?

We use only high-quality raw materials that are carefully selected to provide a finished product that is not only beautiful to the trained eye, but also durable and able to sustain the demands of long-term repeated use.  Our elevated level of cabinetry can be found in both framed and frameless construction.

Our dedicated finish room experts transform the raw wood into beautifully finished cabinetry using a multi-step finishing process.  This begins with meticulous hand sanding to prepare the wood to best accept your chosen finish.  Solvent based stains are hand applied to reduce waste and provide outstanding color depth.  Low VOC finishes are hand sprayed to achieve a silky-smooth feel and provide protection from everyday elements.  You will also find a selection of glazes, distressing, and weathering techniques available to tailor the finish to fit your design.  These are also performed by hand and protected with a conversion varnish topcoat.  If a painted finish is in your vision, we offer a large variety of standard colors, as well as color matching.

In addition to the finish, the door style is a major part of how your new cabinetry will accent your living space.  It is important that this compliment the look and feel of your room.  Wellsford offers a wide variety of updated door styles that meet the ever-changing demands of design trends.  Because we are custom, you also have the ability to make slight variations to the standard door offerings or even design a completely one-of-a-kind door for your project.

Until recently, sustainability and cabinet manufacturing were at odds.  Not so anymore!  Wellsford Cabinetry offers a complete line of alternative material cabinet selections.  Laminates, melamines, acrylics, and double refined medium density fiberboard as a core option for painted doors, allow you to take the guilt out of updating your kitchen.

Ultimately, we are your customization experts.  Our talented team of draft engineers, cabinet makers, and wood finishing professionals will turn your vision into reality.  Cabinetry custom built with consideration to detail, function, fit, and finish.  At Wellsford, customization and the creativity that comes with it are the core to our business.

Looking to Be Inspired?

If you’re searching for inspiration, view our Be Inspired page to see the beauty of custom cabinetry that is applied to a variety of living spaces throughout the home. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment areas or any room in need of modern and bespoke cabinetry.

How to get started?

Interested in finding a Wellsford Dealer? Visit our Find A Dealer page and we look forward to connecting you with a local Wellsford dealer in your area.

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